How to Get Free Sorare Cards in 2023? (Up to 45 Freebies)

🕑  Last Updated: November 17, 2023

It is still possible for all new managers to get the welcome pack of free Sorare cards.

What type and how many cards you get depends on whether you want to spend some money in the long run or wish to play Sorare completely free of cost.

In this post, I will show you:


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Important update: beginning August 2023, you no longer need cryptocurrency to play Sorare thanks to the launch of the Cash Wallet 💳.

So… How to Get Free Sorare Cards?

There are five types of free Sorare cards that you can get.

Let’s discuss the one easiest and quickest to get first – Common.

Further down the article, I will also explain how you can get your hands on one free Limited card, two free Rare cards, one Super Rare card, and one Unique card (yes, you read that correctly).

Free Common Cards

The Common cards are ones that are not tradable but they can still be used in some free-to-play tournaments (that can help you win cards from the Limited scarcity – which you can trade for cash).


Start out with 40 free Common cards and compete for Limiteds without any investment.

Common cards are grayish in color and are gifted to all newly-registered Sorare users.

Free cards of the Common scarcity

Whether you want to use the platform for your football (soccer), NBA or NFL sports team, as a new user, you get a welcome pack of free-to-play Common cards.

In the case of football fans to which this website is mostly dedicated, the number of free / bonus Sorare cards of the Common scarcity is 8.

However, it can potentially rise to 48.

So, how to actually get these cards with 0 investment and very little effort?

Throughout the Sorare onboarding process, you will be prompted to choose one of five major European leagues as the one you wish to play in first.

Let’s assume you are an English Premier League supporter.

Selecting your favorite league

Next, you will get a budget of 400 points to spend on 8 Common Cards from that league (2 players for each position).

The higher-performing the player, the more points he costs.

Drafting your Sorare cards

You will be able to use the eight players you chose when participating in weekly free-to-play tournaments.

Once your preferred league’s team is put together, you may repeat the process for the other four big European leagues, including Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga, and Bundesliga.

This essentially means that you will instantly acquire 40 Common Cards without having to invest any money.

Since they cannot be traded, these cards have no monetary worth, yet they can nevertheless teach you how to play the game with 0 investment.

Additionally, the top 200 competitors from each of the five Common tournaments each week will get Limited cards. This means that even without spending any money, you can still be able to put up a squad of Limited cards and begin contending for significant prizes!

Your First Free Tournament

With Sorare’s welcome cards set, you can play the game cost-free for as long as you wish to.

Newly enrolled managers have the chance to participate in Common-Only tournaments and win Limited card prizes without having to spend any money.

So how to do it?


Start out with 40 free Common cards and compete for Limiteds without any investment.

You may enter your first tournament with your free collection of cards by clicking “Upcoming” listed under the “Play” button on the Sorare site (you cannot join Live or Past tournaments because they are already underway or resolved).

Navigating to Upcoming games at Sorare

Once you’re in the “Play” area, select the competition you want to sign up for (remember that first, you need to draft your squad of Common cards).

Free-to-play Sorare tournaments

Choosing your 5-player lineup is the last necessary step before you can enter your first Sorare tournament.

The players you selected in the previous phase will be those that are available for selection. Remember to pick those that you believe stand the highest chance of succeeding in their forthcoming games!

The starting lineup includes five players, one for each position on the field plus an additional player who may play any position besides goalie, as seen in the image below.

Confirming your Sorare line-up

Alternatively, you can enter the “proper” tournaments right away.

These offer tempting cash and card prizes.

However, in order to do so, you must first make purchases in the marketplace, either by acquiring recently released cards in the New Card Auction section or by purchasing a card listed by another player in the Manager Sales section.

Free Limited Cards

Most of the time there are a few hundred thousand Sorare managers competing for the rewards in the free-to-play Common card tournaments which makes competing for the Limited card prizes really difficult.

Free cards of the Limited scarcity

Up until September 2023, Sorare was offering 1 free Limited card to all newly-registered users who bought 5 cards from the New Card Auctions marketplace.


Register using our link to get a 50% discount on your first card purchase on Sorare (maximum discount $50).

However, they have now changed the sign-up offer to a much better one (and one we, partners, had been crying out for) – allowing you to get up to $20 in credits to spend on a card of your choice instead of praying to get a valuable player from Sorare (sometimes the rewards were really disappointing, hence the cries for a change).

Nowadays, the only way to get a free Sorare card of the Limited scarcity is to invite 3 friends to the platform. After each buys 5 cards from Sorare, you will be awarded a free Limited Tier 2 card.

Free Rare, Super Rare & Unique Cards

Although free Limiteds and even Commons are an excellent way to begin your managerial career on the platform, the recent update to the Sorare referral program adds an extra level of excitement.

In contrast to the previous version of the program, where you could obtain up to 29 Limited cards for every friend and one Unique card for the 30th friend you referred to the platform, the new program offers the opportunity to claim three additional cards of the higher scarcities.

Free Sorare cards milestones

After referring five friends, you acquire a Tier 4 Rare card, and after referring ten friends, you obtain a Tier 3 Rare card.

Additionally, a Tier 4 Super Rare card is now yours after your 15th referral. And last but not least, completing all the steps with your 30th referral rewards you with a Unique Tier 4 card.

Unique cards are at the very top of the food chain and are traded every day for tens of thousands of US dollars.

Free cards of the Unique scarcity

If you have a broader network of football enthusiasts among your friends, the current referral program provides an excellent chance to start building a diverse collection of cards across all scarcities at virtually no cost.

Your Sorare Referral Link

After registering on the platform, you can find your own Sorare referral code by hovering over the profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen and clicking on the Invite Friends link.

Prior to sending your Sorare affiliate link to your buddies, you should choose in which sport you wish to receive your free Sorare cards.

As things stand, you can choose from football (soccer), NBA and NFL.

Anytime someone signs up through your link, your Sorare referral reward is going to pop up in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

More About Sorare

Now that you already know how to get free Sorare cards, you’re probably during the registration process on the platform.

However, if you’re still unsure about becoming a new Sorare manager because you don’t know enough about the fantasy sports game, this section should help.

Sorare logo

In short, Sorare is an NFT fantasy football game.

The two main brains behind the platform are French football enthusiasts, Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort, who founded Sorare in 2019.

Digital assets known as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have unique characteristics that identify them apart from one another. These can be one-of-a-kind pieces of art, in-game items, etc.


Register using our link to get a 50% discount on your first card purchase on Sorare (maximum discount $50).

In Sorare’s case, these are virtual cards of football players (or players from NBA and MLB).

Each card has a unique number, which enables the identification of the owner. It lets anyone acquire these digital tokens and sell or exchange them in accordance with their needs and intended uses for Sorare.

Since Sorare now accepts credit/debit card deposits, you no longer need Ethereum to acquire the assets even if the cards are produced on the Ethereum blockchain.

Cards can be obtained from the game’s market or won in weekly competitions.

As you have already learned in this article, the game gives you a set of Common cards for free, but if you want to participate in more complex and prize-fuelled tournaments, you’ll need to acquire rarer players (starting from Limited and ending at Unique).

The main goal of the game is to outscore your opponents by fielding the best squad you can from your player card collection.

You will get more points and have a higher chance of winning money (in Ethereum) or playing cards if the players are better and perform better in real life (usually this goes hand-in-hand).

Frequently Asked Questions

To round off the article and clear any remaining doubts, below find the list of the most frequent questions amongst Sorare newbies.

How do you get more cards on Sorare?

There are two options.

The first option is to purchase them on the marketplace – either becoming the first owner of new Sorare cards in the “New Card Auctions” section or buying them from other managers.

The second option is to win the cards from rewards in the weekly competitions.

Can you earn Limited cards on Sorare?

Yes, Limited cards are the lowest-tier cards (behind Rare, Super Rare, and Unique) that you can win in the weekly competitions.

Can you sell rewards on Sorare?

Yes, all rewards you collect on Sorare are tradeable.

Can you sell Sorare cards on OpenSea?

Yes, OpenSea is one of a few NFT marketplaces that allow you to sell your Sorare collectibles outside of the fantasy sports platform.

Are Sorare cards NFT?

Yes, all Sorare cards are indeed NFTs.

Is Sorare built on Ethereum?

Yes, all Sorare cards are created on the Ethereum blockchain.

For years, the site has utilized the ERC-721 token standard for its NFT player cards, which users can collect, trade, and use to participate in a free fantasy sports league.

Do Sorare cards expire?

No, once you get hold of a Sorare card, it’s yours forever unless you decide to part with it.

Is it easy to make money on Sorare?

Like with any other income stream, developing skill good enough to bring regular profits takes time and often investment.

While saying that it’s easy to make money on Sorare would be a stretch, with a bit of practice you can definitely work your way up the ladder.

How much can you earn playing Sorare?

This is very reliant on your ability.

You may definitely make a fortune with the right approach, as evidenced by the rosters of the major players and the profits achieved on the site by the best traders.

While some players just need tens of dollars a day, others accumulate thousands and want more.

Your prospects of becoming one of Sorare’s top dogs and winning huge money increase the more you play.

How much should I invest in Sorare?

The question “How much to start Sorare” is one that many new players have in their thoughts.

The platform is free to use for people who want to compete in fantasy football tournaments using Common cards.

Depending on the level of competitiveness you want to start with, you will need to pay dozens to hundreds of dollars if you want to participate in tournaments with alluring rewards.

To learn the game, we advise starting off with a minimal investment in Limited Cards and working your way up from there. Remember that you are entitled to one free Limited Card if you use our referral link.

Is playing Sorare worth it?

This question is a bit tricky to answer.

Although the game may be incredibly rewarding and pleasant, mastering it also requires dedication, effort, and frequently money.

If you’re willing to put in the work, Sorare may be very rewarding. For more opinions on the game, read my review.

Can you have 2 Sorare accounts?

Using several accounts to play Sorare is a banning offense.

Since multi-accounting enhances the likelihood of obtaining rewards in comparison to other managers, it is legally prohibited.

Who are the best players to invest in Sorare?

While naming specific players would be a bit naive since their value might decrease, the common consensus is that you should invest in young players who are on the cusp of breaking into the first-team scene since their prices are expected to skyrocket soon. The “Under 23” tag makes players very desirable amongst managers.

Making investments in star players who are currently out injured is another common strategy. When they return, they will regain their worth and resume scoring well for their teams.

You can learn more about Sorare strategies by reading our Sorare tutorial for beginners.

Is Sorare free to play?

If you decide to stick with the weekly Common drafts, you don’t have to worry about spending a cent.

Tournaments of all other scarcities will require investment.

What is Sorare daily drop?

In the past, a function called Daily Drop gave newly enrolled managers Common cards every day.

Due to the emergence of weekly Common drafts, the feature has since been discontinued.

Can I buy Sorare packs?

No, Sorare does not currently sell card packs in the form of surprise cards.

Starter Packs which include 5 players (1 for each position) are the closest thing to this.

Do free Sorare cards have any value?

The Common type doesn’t but the free Limited card you get with our sign-up offer can be traded on the marketplace.

Depending on the player’s popularity and current form, it can be worth anywhere from a couple to a few hundred dollars.

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