Sorare Starter Pack: Get 41 Free Cards

🕑  Last Updated: June 6, 2023

If you are on the verge of joining the biggest fantasy sports platform in the world, we don’t blame you.

Year-on-year, month-on-month, the database of Sorare users is constantly growing and is now approaching 1 million active managers.

If you are new to any game, and especially one as competitive as Sorare, you should always try to maximize your chances of having a really good start to your career. 

And that’s why a Sorare Starter Pack comes in handy.


Register using our offer to get 40 Common Cards (immediately) + 1 Free Limited Card (after winning 5 card auctions).

In this article, we will explain what freebies await you as a new Sorare manager, advise you on how to get the most out of your welcome pack of cards, and reveal some of the most useful tips and tricks for newbies.

Stick with us!

What Is Included In the Sorare Starter Pack?

What’s inside the Sorare starter pack will be up to you. 

Well, at least partially.

Most people who join the platform end up with five free-to-play Common cards.

However, with our help, you can get up to 40 Common cards to kickstart your Sorare career and, on top of that, you will get one free Limited card thanks to our sign-up bonus.


Start out with 40 free Common cards and compete for Limiteds without any investment.

Understanding the difference between Cards

If you are new to the platform, the names Common and Limited probably don’t ring a bell.

There is a considerable difference between both which we now want to explain –  to ensure you make the best decision about what welcome offer you want to use.

Starting with Common cards, this is the only untradable ard scarcity on the platform. 

That means that these cards are only allowed to use in some free-to-play tournaments but they don’t hold any real value and cannot be traded with other managers or sold.

Common cards are grayish in color and are gifted to all the newly-registered users regardless of whether they use our welcome bonus or not.

On the other hand, Limited cards are the first of four scarcities that can be traded on the platform’s marketplace (below Rare, Super Rare, and Unique on the scarcity ladder).

Not only do they hold value (ranging anywhere from $1 to thousands of dollars) but you can also use them to enter tens of weekly competitions that provide managers with the chance to win new Limited cards, as well as cash rewards paid out in Ethereum.

Limited cards are gold in color and are released in the number of 1,000 per player every season. This is in contrast to Common cards which pretty much don’t have any cap.

Free Limited Card(s)

Since Limited cards are by far the more valuable of the two, let’s start with the strategy of how you can get at least one of them free after signing up on the platform.

Being an official Sorare affiliate partner, we can offer all new users a guaranteed free Limited card after using our registration link.

Sorare Limited Cards

To get the free card, all you have to do is win 5 auctions in the New Card Auction section of the marketplace.

The truth is, however, that you can do so by spending as little as $2-$3 while some people spend tens of dollars to get their hands on the freebie.

So what is the cheapest strategy for getting the free Limited card?

It’s time to go to the New Card Auctions part of the marketplace.

Navigating to Sorare New Card auctions

When you enter the new card market, you must make certain changes by adding filters to the auctions.

By default, all scarcity levels of cards are listed in this section (Limited, Rare, Ultra Rare, and Unique), but we want to concentrate on the least expensive one (Limited).

To view just Limited cards, select “Limited” from the Scarcity section’s drop-down menu as seen in the image below.

Filtering scarcity of Sorare cards

The list of auctions should then be whittled down to the most affordable ones.

You can alter the pricing tiers for the cards by selecting the “Price” column.

Let’s start with 0.0000 ETH and work our way up to 0.001 ETH.

Filtering the price of Sorare cards

It’s finally time to look for the cheapest deals.

By following this strategy, you may quickly obtain the bonus card from the Sorare sign-up offer without having to worry about going over your budget.

Simply click the “BID” button to submit a bid for a player you’re interested in, then watch to see if it’s high enough to win the card.

Placing a bid on Sorare cards

What’s worth noting, you can get up to 30 free Limited cards in total by taking advantage of Sorare’s referral program.

For every friend that you invite to the platform, you will get one Limited card free. The requirement is the same as in the case of our bonus offer – your friend needs to win five auctions in the New Card Auction sector (he will also claim 1 free card).

Let’s now move on to the free Common cards offered in the Sorare starter pack.

Free Common Cards

While getting your first Limited card(s) opens door to mouth-watering competitions and rewards, not all people are eager to make investments.

If you want to have fun at Sorare without spending a penny, this section is for you.

Sorare Common cards

A welcome pack of 8 Common cards (that can quickly grow to a total of 40) will be given to every new Sorare user that signs up with 0 investment required!

After your first login, you will be prompted to choose one of “the Big 5” European leagues as the one you want to play in first throughout the Sorare onboarding process.

Maybe just like us, you are an English Premier League geek.

Let’s pretend you are and click “Select” below the Premier League logo.

Selecting your favorite league

Next, a budget of 400 points will be given to you to spend on 8 Common Cards from that league (2 players for each position).

The more points a player costs, the more likely he is to constantly deliver solid performances.

You will be able to use the eight players you selected when participating in weekly free-to-play tournaments.

Once your preferred league’s team is put together, you may repeat the process for the other four big European leagues – Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga, and Bundesliga.

This indicates that you will instantly own 40 Common Cards without having to invest any money.

Although they cannot be traded, they can teach you how to play the game without costing you a dime.

Also, the top 200 competitors from each of the five Common tournaments will get Limited cards during every week game. This implies that even without spending any money, you can still be able to put together a squad of Limited cards and begin contending for significant prizes!

First Tournament With Your Starter Pack

It’s good to get a feel for the game for free thanks to the Sorare starter cards pack.

You can join your first tournament with your free collection of cards by hovering your mouse over the “Play” tab on the Sorare homepage and selecting “Upcoming.”

Sorare "Play" section

Choose the tournament you wish to register for.

Keep in mind that you must first draft your Common card team (as described in the previous section).

Choosing your five-player lineup is the next and final requirement before entering your first Sorare tournament.

Sorare 5-player team

The players you drafted in the previous step will be the ones you can choose from. Make sure you pick those who you think will perform strongly in the upcoming games!

The lineup, as shown in the image above, consists of five players: one for each position on the field and one more who can play any position except goalkeeper.

Bonus Tip: Sorare Starter Bundle

Starting from January 2023, the platform has introduced a new feature that is supposed to help new managers get their managerial careers off to a positive start.

Known as Football Starter Bundles, these are mini-collections of 5 player cards.

They are put together to allow new managers to obtain a small roster of cards required to enter their first Limited tournaments without extensive scouting.


Start out with 40 free Common cards and compete for Limiteds without any investment.

The rules for utilizing the Sorare starter bundle are the following:

  • Each bundle contains five Limited cards from the same league (4 for each position, plus one additional outfielder)
  • Starter Bundles are initially only accessible through the Limited Global All-Star competition, and they may be purchased for a set sum (Sorare examines the average price reported for each player card in the bundle to come up with the bundle price)
  • This type of Sorare starter pack is exclusively for managers who have never bought a Sorare card
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