Sorare Beginner’s Guide (Best Starter Tutorial for 2024)

đź•‘  Last Updated: May 1, 2024

A Sorare beginner’s guide is where you should start your journey with the platform if you want to avoid costly mistakes and become good at the game right away.

In the Sorare tutorial that you’re about to read, I will teach you everything you need to know about the game both as a beginner and as a more advanced manager.


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Before I move on to actually describing effective Sorare strategies that will maximize your chances of being successful in the long run, we’ll begin with the basics of how and when Sorare got started, and also how to sign up with the bonus offer, allowing you to get free cards to kickstart your journey.

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Important update: beginning August 2023, you no longer need cryptocurrency to play Sorare thanks to the launch of the Cash Wallet đź’ł.

What Is Sorare & How Does It Work?

Sorare was founded in 2019 by two French football-mad engineers, Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort.

Since its inception, Sorare has become the most popular fantasy sports game in the industry. 

Because of the unique concept, fully licensed cards, and attractive prizes, the game has been growing its popularity all around the globe and continues to lure high-profile investors such as the arguable world’s best football player, Kylian Mbappe, or one of the best-ever female tennis players, Serena Williams.

Sorare is essentially an NFT fantasy football game.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital assets with unique characteristics that make them different from each other. These can be one-of-a-kind artworks, in-game items, or – as in Sorare’s case – virtual collectibles representing real-world footballers (and now also MLB and NBA players).

NFTs are generated on the Ethereum blockchain and come in the form of Limited, Rare, Ultra Rare, and Unique cards.

Sorare logo

This implies that each card is accounted for and its ownership may be traced.

It allows participants to possess these digital tokens and sell or swap them, depending on their needs and the ways they want to utilize Sorare.

Cards can be earned in tournaments or bought in the game’s marketplace.

You can use them to form a team and compete in one of the numerous weekly contests on offer.

Of course, the game starts you out with a set of free Common cards, but if you want to compete in more advanced tournaments, you’ll need to get your hands on the rarer versions.

Sorare allows you to buy, sell, and trade official fantasy football cards of world-renowned clubs such as Juventus, Bayern Munich, or Real Madrid on a dedicated marketplace.

The cards are your property (unless you decide to sell them) and can be used to play weekly or even daily fantasy matches against other Sorare users from around the world.

The aim of the game is to score more points than your opponents by fielding the best possible selection of players out of your collection of player cards.

The better the players are, and the better they perform in real life, the more points you’ll rack up and the bigger your chance of claiming money or card rewards.

How to Play Sorare? Sorare Starter Guide

Now that you have a general understanding of how Sorare works, it’s time to learn how to actually play the game.

And that’s where the actual Sorare beginners’ guide starts!

Playing Sorare – How to Start

Before you can jump into the Sorare card-trading marketplace and start building your dream squad, you need to create an account.

So, how to start Sorare?

The registration process is pretty straightforward and quick.

You can register at Sorare by creating an account with your email address (the “quick access” options in the form of Gmail & Facebook are no longer supported).

Make sure your password is strong enough, as you will be using it to log in to your account & access the Sorare marketplace.

It would be a catastrophe to build a million-dollar team and then lose it because somebody hacked your account, so don’t take this lightly!

Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to set up your profile (uploading an avatar and background image), as well as verify your email address and phone number.

The verification process is important as it allows you to fully use the Sorare marketplace to buy, sell, or trade cards with other players.

New at Sorare – How to Get Cards (for Free)

After registering using our sign-up offer, a Sorare starter pack awaits you!

There are two kinds of free Sorare cards available for newly-joined users.

Free Common Cards

Common cards are non-tradeable, however, they can still be played in some free-to-play events during the Sorare onboarding phase.

All newly enrolled Sorare users receive Common cards, which are grayish in color.

As a new member, you receive a welcome pack of free-to-play Common cards regardless of whether you wish to utilize the platform’s football (soccer), NBA, or NFL sections.

Sorare Common cards

The number of freebie cards available to football lovers, to whom this website is primarily dedicated, is eight. Yet, it has the potential to rise to 41 (more about this further down the article).

So, how can you acquire these cards for free and with 0 effort?

Throughout the Sorare onboarding process, you will be asked to select one of the five major European leagues you wish to participate in first.

Let’s assume you are a fan of the English Premier League.

Draft competitions

Following that, you will be given a budget of 400 points to spend on eight Common Cards from that league (2 players for each position).

The higher the player’s performance, the more points he costs.

Sorare team Draft

Once you’ve assembled your favorite league’s team, you may repeat the procedure for the other four major European leagues, including Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga, and Bundesliga.

This effectively implies that you will obtain 40 Common Cards immediately without having to invest any money.

These cards have no real value because they cannot be exchanged, but they can teach you how to play the game for free.

In addition, the top 200 competitors in each of the five weekly Common tournaments will receive Limited cards.

This means that even if you don’t have any money, you may build together a team of Limited cards and compete for big rewards!

Free Limited Cards

Most of the time, hundreds of thousands of Sorare managers compete for awards in Common competitions.

The reason for this is simple: it is completely free to play.

Sorare Limited Cards

Although these provide some Limited card rewards to the very best, finishing in the top 0.05% is quite unlikely.

So, what is the most likely approach to obtaining a free Limited Card?

Utilizing the Sorare bonus sign-up offer, which is offered exclusively to visitors.


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Generally, the quality of the card you obtain sits somewhere in the middle when it comes to the level of the player.

Free-to-Play Competitions

Newly registered managers can compete in Common-Only tournaments and receive Limited card prizes without spending any money.

So, how do you go about doing it?

You may enter your first tournament with your free collection of cards by visiting the Sorare website and clicking “Upcoming” beneath the “Play” button (you cannot join Live or Past tournaments because they are already underway or resolved).

Sorare "Play" section

Once you’re in the “Play” section, choose the competition you wish to participate in (remember that first, you need to draft your squad of Common cards).

Sorare free leagues

The final stage before entering your first Sorare tournament is to select your 5-player lineup.

The players you chose in the previous step will be available for selection. Remember to select those you feel have the best probability of scoring high in their upcoming games!

As seen in the graphic below, the starting lineup consists of five players, one for each position on the field, plus an extra player who can play any position other than goalkeeper.

Sorare 5-player team

Remember that you can immediately enter the “proper” competitions which we will discuss in just a moment.

To do so, however, you must first make purchases in the marketplace, either by snapping-up freshly released cards in the New Card Auctions part or buying second-hand cards in the Manager Sales section.

Sorare Tournaments Explained

As you have already learned, you can enter some Sorare tournaments with your welcome pack of Common cards.

But the real fun (and prizes) start with the tournaments for rarer cards.

Sorare cards are grouped into five categories based on their scarcity:

  • Common – the only untradeable type. Nowadays it’s gifted exclusively to new users to help them learn the basics of the platform and potentially win the first Limited cards
  • Limited – the least scarce and cheapest of the tradeable cards. Each real-life player has 1000 Limited cards released every season
  • Rare – more scarce than Limited cards, with each player having 100 Rare cards minted every season
  • Super Rare – even more scarce, with 10 Super Rare cards per player each season
  • Unique – the most valuable and difficult-to-find obtain type, with just 1 Unique card per player per season

As you can probably guess by now, the scarcer the card, the more expensive it is (more often than not).

So, to join these prestigious tournaments with better rewards, you will need to invest in some rarer cards (or win them by participating in the weekly competitions).

Tournaments Based on Card Scarcity

Outside the free-to-play Common card tournaments, there are five main tournament types that you should strive to compete in.

  • Limited Card tournaments – your entry will be accepted if you have at least 5 Limited cards. Limited tournaments include money prizes and cards of the Limited scarcity
  • Rare Card tournaments – as the name suggests, you need Rare cards to enter (5 minimum). Prizes are either money or cards of the Rare scarcity
  • Super Rare Card tournaments – to join these tourneys, you should have a team of Super Rare players (the minimum number of Super Rare cards is again 5). The prizes are cards of the Super Rare scarcity or money
  • Unique Card tournaments – these are the most prestigious events in Sorare, and you need a 5-player team of Unique cards. The prizes are either Unique cards or money
  • Mixed Card tournaments – the last type of tournament accepts different combinations of cards. These tournaments have a mix of card and cash prizes. The card prizes differ depending on the tournament you enter (you can win different scarcity levels depending on your team’s result and the particular tournament)

Tournaments Based on Real-Life Competitions

All five tournament types discussed above are further grouped by the real-life football competitions they are based on.

Regional categorization

In terms of regional categorization, there are 6 competitions to pick from.

  • All-Star – you can use players from any real-life league licensed by Sorare
  • Champion Europe – allows you to use players from the top 5 leagues in Europe – German Bundesliga, English Premier League, French Ligue 1, Italian Serie A, and Spanish Liga Santander
  • Challenger Europe – available for player cards from “lesser” European leagues – Austrian Bundesliga, Norwegian Elliteserien, Holland’s Eredivisie, Belgian Jupiler League, Portuguese Primeira Liga, Scottish Premiership, Croatian SuperSport NHL, Turkish Spor Toto SĂĽper Lig, Danish Superliga, as well as all major European competitions (including playoffs) – UEFA Europa League, Champions League, and Conference League
  • Second Division Europe – the name is self-explanatory – you can use players from popular second tiers in Europe. These include English Championship, and German 2. Bundesliga, French Ligue 2, and Spanish LaLiga Smartbank
  • Champion America – open for cards from all main leagues in South and Central America (eg. MLS or Argentinian Primera Division)
  • Champion Asia – open for cards from all main leagues in Asia (eg. J League or K1)

Naturally, you don’t have to use players from the same team or even the same league to join any of the tournaments.

They just need to be playing for clubs in the same “regional” category.

As an example, you can combine your favorite players from English Premier League and the German Bundesliga to compete in the Champion Europe tournament or build an entire team around your favorite football club from Scotland to test yourself in Challenger Europe.

Age categorization

Some Sorare tournaments are restricted to young talents.

Each card scarcity has a special competition that allows only cards of players aged 23 or less.

These cards come with a navy blue “23” sticker and include only players whose maximum age is no older than 23 at the time of June every year (around the period of the annual new cards’ release).

Under-23 tournaments are one of the most sought-after since the rewards are talented players with long utility in the game.

The “Big 5”

Since early 2023, Sorare has created five additional competitions in which you can regularly participate.

These competitions are focused on the so-called “Big 5” of European football leagues.

Here we of course mean the English Premier League, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga Santander, and the Italian Serie A.

As you can probably guess, the only eligible cards for these competitions are the player cards from these particular leagues. 

It’s only natural then that by competing in them, you are competing for players representing clubs in those leagues as well.

If you are a follower of any of those leagues, it’s highly recommended that you try your luck! Having a good knowledge of a particular league goes a long way in helping you succeed in the weekly tournaments.

Capped modes

If you appreciate investing more time into applying strategies and scouting players, a Sorare Capped Mode is what you’re after.

At the time of writing, there are 3 capped modes to choose from:

  • Capped 220 – your total team score can’t exceed 220 points from the last 15 games in which the player cards participated. The team must consist of 4 cards of the same scarcity and one card from the lower scarcity (eg. 1 Limited Card and 4 Rares). No card XP bonuses are applicable
  • Capped 240 – the limit is set to 240 points. All 5 cards must be of the same scarcity. No card XP bonuses are applicable
  • Capped 270 – considered the “beast” mode. The points limit is set to as many as 270, meaning that you can field all your in-form stars. Again, all cards must share the same scarcity. This is the only capped competition that includes the XP bonuses of your cards


The last type of Sorare tournament allows for the use of the Legend cards – special edition collectibles of some of the biggest stars to have graced the game but are no longer playing.

The Legend competition is available only for two scarcities – Limited and Rare.

To be eligible for the competition, you need to be a holder of at least 1 Legend card.

The maximum number of Legend cards you can field in a single competition is 3.

The remaining 2-4 cards in your line-up can be any players from the same scarcity level.

Now that we have all the competition types explained, we can move on to learning about the most important aspect of Sorare – the scoring system.

Sorare Scoring Matrix Explained

As we’ve already mentioned, the scoring of cards you collect and use in prize-filled tournaments is based on the real-life performances of footballers during specific matches.

This is known under the fancy name of Sorare Scoring Matrix.

Sorare Scoring Matrix

Sorare’s scoring system is designed to accurately reflect a player’s in-game contribution and is regularly updated to make sure it stays as close to reality as possible.

We would be lying if we said that it’s super straightforward and easy to grasp – it’s not.

But that’s what makes it even more exciting. And the better you understand the mechanism of the Matrix, the more equipped you will be to find the right players for your system, and the bigger the chance you will have of succeeding in the weekly tournaments.


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We’ve already written an ultra-detailed guide to Sorare Scoring Matrix but the information you find below should give you a decent grasp of how it works.

Enough to get you started anyway.

So, how is the Sorare score calculated?

A player can score between 0 and 100 points, with 0 being the absolute horror show of performance and 100 a true match-winning display.

A player will also get 0 points if his contribution to the game has been marked as DNP (Did Not Play).

The 0-100 point scale is made up of two components:

  • Decisive Score
  • All-Around Score

The final score of the player is Decisive Score (DS) + All-Around Score (AAS) [or + zero if AAS is below 0 (negative)].

Let’s now look into how both of them work for you (or against you!).

Decisive Score

As the name suggests, this score is based on important, decisive contributions to the game.

All players start at Level 0 Decisive Score.

Level 0 equals 35 points for a player in the starting line-up and 25 points for a player who will come onto the field during the game (it doesn’t matter if it’s in the 5th or 89th minute).

From the moment the player starts taking part in the game, his Decisive Score can either be improved with decisive, positive contributions or decreased with decisive, negative contributions. Each positive impact levels up the score and each negative impact levels it down.

The maximum positive Level a player can reach is 5 while the maximum negative Level is -3.

  • Level -3 = 0 points
  • Level -2 = 5 points
  • Level -1 = 15 points
  • Level 0 = 35 points (or 25 points for a substitute)
  • Level 1 = 60 points
  • Level 2 = 70 points
  • Level 3 = 80 points
  • Level 4 = 90 points
  • Level 5 = 100 points

What’s crucial in this scoring system, if a player finishes the game on Level 1 (for example, he had 0 negative contributions and assisted a goal), he will have a minimum player score of 60 regardless of whether his All-Around Score metrics are negative.

If his All-Around Score is bigger than 0, it will just add to his overall Player Score but if he manages -5 in the All-Around Score, his final Player Score can’t drop below 60.

Naturally, the same rule applies to all the other levels above 0.

All-Around Score

While the Decisive Score is easier to track and is based on just 12 decisive contributions to the game, the All-Around Score consists of, well, everything else.

It includes 40 different match events (passes, tackles, blocks, etc.) that are being monitored by Opta (the leading provider of live sports data) and Sorare’s team of analysts.

The level of importance of each event is different and each event has also a different weighting according to the player’s position. For example, a won tackle for a defender or midfielder will get him extra 3 points but since it’s not the job of a forward, the reward is 0.

Bonus Contributor: Card Ratings

The Player Score can be further increased by the card rating.

The card rating varies from 0% to as much as 55%.

Depending on the card bonus percentage, the final score of the player’s performance will be increased.

The maximum cap for the very best cards in the game is therefore 155 points.

This way, Sorare aims to create an extra level of excitement for the game and make sure that even players who didn’t have a direct impact on the game’s result can get some well-deserved recognition.

How Do Sorare Card Ratings Work?

Since we’ve already touched on the topic of Sorare card ratings and we know they can have a great impact on the final score of your player, let’s take a more in-depth look at how they work!

To put it short, all cards in your roster have their own XP rating that can be boosted every time you include them in your teams – whether weekly matches or training (we will explain the importance of training your players further down the article).

The freshly-minted Sorare cards start with a card level of 0 and the maximum level that can be reached for a card is 20.

So, how does XP work on Sorare?

The card rating levels work on a logarithmic scale, meaning that it’s relatively easy (and quick) to take the card from Level 0 to Level 1 but it takes time and effort to level up the card from 10 to 20.

The higher the card level, the more XP points are required to reach the next one.

As an example, your player card can reach Level 1 by just participating in 1-2 games while reaching level 20 from scratch can take approximately 2-3 seasons with regular matches and training.

Every level for your Sorare card means an additional 0.5% multiplier bonus that’s used with the player’s Decisive and All-Around Score to calculate the final Player Score.

That means that the maximum multiplier bonus you can earn through collecting XP for your card is 10% (20 levels / 0.5% = 10%).

As an example, if the Player Score from a weekly match is 80 points but your Card Rating Level is 10 (multiplier 5%), the final Player Score will be 80 + (80 * 5%) = 84.

Depending on the card scarcity, the bonus multipliers differ:

  • Level 0 Limited & Rare cards start with a bonus of 0%, potentially reaching a bonus of 10% at Level 20
  • Level 0 Super Rare cards start with a bonus of 20%, potentially reaching a bonus of 30% at Level 20
  • Level 0 Unique cards start with a bonus of 40%, potentially reaching a bonus of 50% at Level 20

As we already mentioned, Sorare releases new player cards every season.

Players’ cards that are from the current season additionally score a 5% multiplier bonus thanks to their freshness (this way Sorare wants to encourage managers to buy new cards annually).

Last but not least, picking a captain can give your card anywhere between 25-50% additional multiplier bonus depending on the tournament (some tournaments don’t reward captain players at all).

All things considered, it’s important to always check what kind of tournament you want to participate in and make sure that your card meets the requirements in order to maximize the bonus for your cards.

Sorare Guide on How to Buy Cards

Just like we mentioned before, to start competing in top-tier tournaments filled with cash and card prizes, you will have to start assembling a team of scarce cards (from Limited up to Unique).

The easiest tournaments to get in that also require the smallest investment (recommended for new Sorare players) are the Limited Card tournaments.

So, how to buy Sorare cards?

Buying Sorare cards

There are three ways you can acquire Limited cards on Sorare (or any other scarcity for that matter).

  • New Card Auctions
  • Manager Sales
  • Direct Offers

Let’s go through all options below.

New Card Auctions

The New Card Auction market is the place where you will find all the freshly-minted cards from the most recent season.

This means that you will be the first owner of any card you get from this market.

The price of these player cards starts at 0.0003 ETH (Ethereum) but can quickly skyrocket depending on how popular the player is, how good the card looks, and whether it’s eligible for upcoming games.

The auctions usually last for 3 days.

New Auction Market can be a source of great bargains.

Most of the time, it’s possible to buy cards cheaper than on the Secondary Market which is the home of many traders eager to make a profit on their purchases.

Since all the cards in the New Auction Market are from the current season, they all come with a guaranteed multiplier bonus of between 5% and 45% (the lowest for Limited & Rare cards and the highest for Unique cards).

Manager Sales

Manager Sales are part of the Secondary Market where you can buy cards from the current and previous seasons.

These are pre-owned cards that are put up for sale by their current owners.

Here the prices depend on various factors such as a card’s scarcity, season, and accumulated XP.

Usually, cards from previous seasons are cheaper than the current season’s cards because they don’t have the same multiplier bonus.

The good thing about Manager Sales is that you can buy any card you want without having to wait for an auction to end.

The drawback is that most managers want to make a profit on their purchase and will ask for a price higher than the one possible to find on the New Auction Market.

Direct Offers

If the particular player you’re looking for isn’t currently available on the New Card Auction market or via Manager Sales, you can always make a Direct Offer to any owner and see if he’s willing to part ways with the card.

All you have to do is type the player’s name in the search bar and then on the player’s page select “Cards”.

After clicking on any card, you will see a “Trade” button and that’s where you can send a direct offer to the owner.

Sorare Guide on How to Sell Cards

Alternatively, you can also put your card(s) up for sale in the Secondary Market.

This is a great way to get some of the funds back and also get rid of cards that you don’t want to use anymore.

Or maybe, just maybe, your player has found some brilliant form and you want to make some massive profit on the back of his great performance.

So, how to sell a card on Sorare?

To do this, you will have to go to My Club > Cards.

Now all you have to do is click on the player’s card you wish to sell and then click “List My Card”.

Finally, you set the price and confirm the listing.

All the cards you put on sale are listed for 7 days by default (you can shorten that to anywhere between 2 and 6 days).

If nobody fancies paying the price you’re asking for, the card will return to your roster and you can list it again (maybe for a smaller price this time).

What’s also important to note, should you change your mind during the duration of the listing, you can always cancel the sale at any time.

As of now, canceling listings before planned expiration doesn’t come with any fee or penalty.

Keep in mind that it’s important to list your card at a competitive price since there are many other sellers in the market as well.

Training at Sorare – How It Works

Sorare training “tournaments” are a great way to increase the XP of your players and make them even more valuable.

The best thing about training tournaments is that they are free to enter and can combine players of different scarcities in the same line-up without damaging their multiplier bonuses.

The better your training line-up does in real life, the more valuable XP the players in that line-up will rack up for later use in “real” tournaments.

One of the biggest myths inexperienced Sorare believe is that their cards need to participate in match tournaments in order to increase XP.

Simply not the case!

A proper training session will do just as good for your card as the regular tournament competition – and even better!

Sorare training is hands-down the most under-utilized aspect of the platform and it’s really hard to understand why that is, other than managers’ lack of knowledge about the game or just sheer ignorance.

Luckily, you’ve come across our Sorare beginners’ guide and are now at advantage!

When should I use training?

You should always include players in training line-ups when you have extra players left from the Game Week tournaments or when there is a break for the summer or winter.

Before determining whether you have players to train, make sure you have submitted all of your competitive teams for the week.

You won’t be able to employ players in both your main lineups and training.

Reasons to train players

As we already explained, a significant aspect of Sorare is XP.

The XP that your card has will improve its overall score when the actual game takes place, contributing to a higher overall score of your line-up and increasing the chances of great rewards!


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Fine margins often determine the winner of the tournament and training can give you that extra edge.

How to train players?

To create your training line-ups, you have to hover over the “Play” section, then select “Upcoming”.

After you land on the Game Week landing page, move to the “Training” tab and then click “Add a team”. Voila!

Sorare Trading Tips

Apart from competing for weekly cards and cash prizes, trading is another way many use Sorare for generating profits.

If you’re looking for in-depth Sorare tips and tricks regarding trading, we encourage you to have a look at this article.

With that said, below you can get familiar with some of the basic trading strategies practiced regularly by thousands of Sorare managers.

Like with any type of trading the golden rule is to buy low and sell high.

However, that is easier said than done especially when it comes to Sorare.

So how can we maximize our chances of scoring a bargain and then selling it for a huge profit?

Well, first you need to understand that the price of Sorare cards depends on the demand.

Normally, the higher the performance of the player, the bigger the demand and consequently the price.

So what type of players to invest in, when to invest in them, and when to sell?

Investing in injured stars

One of the safest options for successful trading on Sorare is investing in star players that are currently out of the game because of injuries.

Kylian Mbappe is a great example of such a player.

When fit, there’s no way he would be left on the bench. Considered one of the best players in the world, the French International has a guaranteed starting place in basically any football team in the world.

The strategy of investing in injured players is profitable but only when it comes to medium to long-term injuries.

Naturally, if the player is going to miss only one game, the difference in prices won’t be that big.

However, if the prognosis is a lengthy spell on the sidelines, the demand for those players will inevitably drop and so will all the prices.

Once the player is back from injury, you can list it on the secondary market and count on really good profits.

Investing in young talents

If you are fine with the idea of long-term trading, a solid strategy is to invest in young talents that are at the gates of first-team football.

If you have good knowledge about a particular league and are familiar with all its biggest talents that are not playing regular first-team football yet, you are at an advantage.

Promising young players come with the Under 23 sticker and are highly valued because of their long utility in the game. 

Once they start participating regularly in the first team, their prices will skyrocket and that will be the perfect moment to sell.

Investing in players about to change clubs

Those of you who are into transfer gossip or have credible sources in the game can be a step or two ahead of the rest of the market. 

Players who you should be monitoring are those who are rumored to be leaving in the near future.

But not all transfer deals will be profitable for Sorare managers.

A player’s price will increase only if his chances of scoring high points after the transfer will increase. 

The two most popular scenarios in this case are:

  • The player leaves a medium-to-bottom tier club and moves on to a top club in the same league (ie. moving from Southampton to Manchester City)
  • The player leaves a strong league and moves to a club from a lesser league where scoring high points is easier (ie. moving from Chelsea to Rangers)

In the ideal scenario, you should buy the players just before it becomes common knowledge that the transfer will happen, and sell them just when the deal is announced.

Investing in backup goalkeepers

Goalkeepers are the most sought-after players in the game because their number is much more limited.

While players in other positions are in the tens of thousands, most of the teams only have two to three goalkeepers in their ranks. 

Hence, it’s a good idea to invest in backup goalkeepers and sell them when the first-choice keeper gets injured, serves a suspension, is about to change clubs, or has simply lost his place because of poor form.

End-of-season purchases

When a particular season comes to an end, the prices will drop as well.

You can buy such cards during the so-called end-of-the-season discount phase and resell them for profit once the season restarts.

FAQ Regarding Our Sorare Tutorial

Since posting this Sorare beginner’s guide, we’ve received additional questions from our readers.

To make this Sorare tutorial even more complete and easy to grasp, below find our own Sorare FAQ section.

How to get into Sorare?

The best way to get into Sorare is by signing up via our link since you will be getting 1 Free Limited card as a bonus (they can be worth anywhere from a few to a few hundred dollars).

After clicking on the link, you will be redirected to the Sorare website where you can create your account. The registration process is pretty straightforward and won’t take more than a couple of minutes.

Once you’re done, make sure to follow all the tips & tricks listed in this Sorare beginner’s guide to get as much fun and success as possible out of the game.

How to play Sorare for free?

Many newbies wonder: can you play Sorare for free?

The platform doesn’t discriminate against people who don’t want to spend money on cards.

There are weekly Common Card (free) tournaments for users who want to show their skills without spending any money. The tournaments don’t have cash prizes but they can still win you some cards at 0 cost (Limited card prizes are included in the “Casual” tournament).

How to get free Sorare cards?

Using a referral link from our website or any other Sorare partner, you get a welcome pack of up to 41 free Common cards and an additional 1 free Limited Card after you acquire 5 players via the New Card Auction market.

How to make money on Sorare?

There are two ways of earning money on Sorare.

The first way is to participate in the weekly tournaments and win cash prizes.

The second way is to trade player cards. Buy low, sell high is the mantra here.

How much money can you make on Sorare?

This will greatly depend on your skill.

Looking at the roosters of the leading players and the profits the best traders make on the platform, you can really make a fortune with the right strategy. Some players are happy with tens of dollars made per day, while others rack up thousands and want more.

The more you play, the higher your chances are of becoming one of the top dogs in Sorare and making serious money.

How much do you need to start Sorare?

The platform requires 0 investment for players who want to participate in fantasy football tournaments for Common cards.

But how much to invest in Sorare if you actually want to compete for awesome rewards?

If you want to participate in tournaments with attractive prizes, you will have to spend anywhere from dozens to hundreds of dollars, depending on the competition level you want to start with.

We recommend starting out with minimal investment into Limited Cards to learn your trade and work your way up from there. Remember that our referral link gives you 1 Limited Card free.

How much do Sorare cards cost?

The price of a Sorare card will depend on many factors but its scarcity is the biggest one.

Limited cards can be bought even for as little as $0.50 while the most sought-after Unique cards can cost well into six figures!

What is the meaning of Sorare extra player?

The extra player completes the 5-card requirement of your So5 line-ups.

When it comes to football, it can be a player of any position on the field apart from a goalkeeper.

What is the meaning behind “DNP”?

Sorare DNP’s meaning is simple.

The “DNP” abbreviation stands for “Did Not Play” and is assigned to all players that haven’t featured in any of their team’s last 15 games.

Why is the Sorare points system called the Matrix?

We guess it’s probably a bit complicated.

There are tens of variables that contribute to the final score of your teams and it takes time to familiarize yourself with the Matrix.

The Sorare scoring system is for no mugs!

Is Sorare worth it?

This is a tough question to answer. The game can be extremely fun and rewarding but it also requires dedication, time, and money to get good at it.

So if you’re willing to put in the effort, Sorare can definitely be worth your while!

Is Sorare safe?

Yes, Sorare is a safe and secure platform.

The company takes data protection and user safety seriously. All transactions on the site are encrypted and the company employs multiple layers of security to keep its users’ information safe.

The Sorare team is constantly working on improving the platform’s security so that its users can have the best possible experience.

What are Sorare rules on multi-accounting?

The platform states clearly that a person shouldn’t own more than 1 account.

The reason for this is simple: having multiple accounts puts you in an advanced position over others since you can submit multiple teams for the same competitions and therefore have a bigger chance of rewards.

When caught, multi-accounting is likely to lead to a ban.

How do Legends work on Sorare?

Legends will take the score of their club’s highest-scoring player in their position once a month as part of a Special Weekly event.

Thus, Marco Van Basten’s Ajax card, for example, will take the highest-scoring Ajax forward’s score for that Game Week.

How to deposit into Sorare?

If all the exciting information above has whetted your appetite and you’re now eager to get your first card, you might be wondering how you can actually deposit money into Sorare and start buying your favorite players.

Compared to how it looked when the platform was making its baby steps, now there are many more options to do so which ensures that all the players can start having fun within minutes of a sign-up.

If you want to fill your Sorare wallet using a credit/debit card or a bank transfer, you can do so thanks to MoonPay & Ramp. These two options are great for people who don’t have any Ethereum since any deposits made using either platform will be automatically converted into ETH.

If you’re already familiar with cryptocurrency and have some Ethereum laying around, then you can use any of the ETH wallets compatible with Sorare: Metamask, Wallet Connect, Portis, Coinbase Wallet & Opera.

Whatever option you go for, you can expect the funds to be available and ready for use in your Sorare wallet within a few minutes.

How to withdraw money from Sorare?

Alternatively, you might want to cash out your profits from being a great Sorare manager.

To do so, you will need to have an Ethereum wallet. Again, any of the above-mentioned options (Metamask, Wallet Connect, Portis, Coinbase Wallet, Opera) will do the job.

How to buy packs on Sorare?

At the time of writing, it’s not possible to buy Sorare packs.

Instead, you can find Bundle Offers in the New Cards Auction market. They consist of 5 players from the same team.

What is the meaning of So5 Sorare?

The So5 is the collective name of all Sorare tournaments.

The number “5” stands behind the number of players (cards) you use in your line-ups.

Whatever the sport, it’s essentially a 5-a-side game.

What are the Sorare academy rewards?

Academy rewards are, or should we say were, card prizes handed out to new Sorare managers in the free-to-play tournaments during the old onboarding process.

Back then, Sorare newbies could compete in four Academy competitions – from Academy Novice to Academy Advanced – to learn the basics of the game as well as win their first Limited cards.

Nowadays, the Academy has been replaced with draft competitions for the 5 main leagues in European football – Bundesliga, English Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, and Serie A.

How to claim Sorare rewards?

Rewards for your participation in weekly tournaments are handed out usually within a few hours after the Game Week has finished.

Once your reward is ready, the notification bell in the top-right corner of the Sorare website will turn red to let you know.

What is the Sorare daily drop?

Daily Drop used to be a feature gifting newbie Sorare managers with Common cards on a daily basis. It’s no longer in use.

Is Sorare gambling?

Despite gambling regulators in the United Kingdom accusing Sorare of being an undercover gambling platform in 2021, there’s no substance to the claim whatsoever.

The reason behind this is that, at no point in time, are you actually risking anything when playing your cards on Sorare. Since all the cards are blockchain-based NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that you can’t lose and all the tournaments you enter don’t require any entrance fees, there’s simply no way that Sorare can be classified as gambling.

The only thing you technically gamble with is the future value of the card you’re buying but then again, the values of all physical and digital assets fluctuate over time.

This means that the potential rewards far outweigh any risks and, therefore, Sorare cannot be classified as gambling.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your own due diligence before investing any money into the platform but, as things stand, you have nothing to worry about from a gambling perspective.

Is the Sorare Reddit community worth joining?


The community is constantly growing and you can find a lot of useful content there – from Sorare starting tips to more advanced strategies.

It’s generally a cool place to exchange information about the game.

How does Sorare make money?

Since the Sorare membership is free, the only way the company earns money at the moment is via the New Card Auction sales.

As things stand, the platform doesn’t include any fees in listing the cards on the Secondary Market but that might and probably will change in the future.

How many Sorare licensed clubs are there?

As things stand, there are 316 officially licensed football clubs on the Sorare platform. The number is growing every month.

How many Sorare licensed leagues are there?

Currently, there are 50 licensed football leagues on Sorare. These include both club and international competitions.

How many users does Sorare have?

The Sorare user database is constantly growing but the company hasn’t released any official numbers yet.

However, looking at how many participants there are in the weekly tournaments, we can easily estimate that the user base is in the hundreds of thousands.

How to delete Sorare account?

To delete the Sorare account, you have to go to Profile > Settings and click the red-highlighted “Delete My Account” button.

Keep in mind that this is a permanent decision and you will not be able to recover your account or any of the data associated with it.

Sorare Beginner’s Guide: Final Word

Hopefully, this Sorare tutorial has given you a good overview of what the platform is all about and how you can get started with it.

To sum up, Sorare is a fantasy sports game that uses blockchain technology to store all the data and player cards on the Ethereum network.

The game is free to play but you will need to buy some scarce player cards in order to participate in tournaments with cash prizes.


Register using our link to get a 50% discount on your first card purchase on Sorare (maximum discount $50).

The cards can be bought in both the New Card Auctions section and Secondary Market, or won as prizes in weekly tournaments.

The aim of the game is to score points by playing your cards in weekly matches. The more points you score, the higher up the leaderboard you’ll climb and the bigger the rewards.

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to get into cryptocurrency and revive your love for football (or NBA or MLB), then Sorare is definitely worth checking out!

We made sure to get the subject of Sorare explained in the best way possible but if you feel this Sorare beginner’s guide is missing any information, feel free to drop me an email and I will get back to you/update the article as soon as possible.

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