Sorare Fitness Bonus Explained (All You Need to Know)

đź•‘  Last Updated: July 24, 2023

The Sorare Fitness Bonus is the latest addition to the game at which many managers are scratching their heads.

Whether the addition of the fitness aspect of our cards is the right idea or not, it seems there is no way of stopping this implementation now so you might as well learn everything you can about it to maximize your chances of being successful in your future Gameweeks.

In this article, we will cover the subject of the new Fitness Bonus in great detail so make sure you bear with me for the next few minutes.

Sorare Fitness Bonus Overview & Rules

Gone are the days when the only way to boost your cards’ performance was to collect XP points in the weekly tournaments and training lineups.

Nowadays, it seems we are being presented with a new form of point bonus every time we open the Sorare app.

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As things stand, the Sorare Fitness Bonus is already the fourth type of bonus we need to take into consideration when planning our game strategies.

Just in May 2023, Sorare introduced its users to the Collection Bonus which now gives us the chance to boost our cards’ performance by an additional 5%.

The Collection bonus was added on top of the two already existing bonuses – the XP bonus (capped at 10%) and the New Season bonus (capped at 5%).

So where does the Fitness Bonus stand in terms of its importance?

Well, at least at the time of writing, it seems pretty crucial.

Fitness Bonus Rules

The Fitness Bonus is the easiest to get among all the point bonuses, yet it might be the most important for climbing the leaderboards.

Every card starts with a guaranteed Fitness Bonus of 10%, making it the second-largest point boost after the XP Bonus. This is remarkable because maximizing the XP bonus usually takes two to three years.

The Sorare Fitness Bonus can be between 0% and 10% and changes based on your card’s involvement in a Gameweek:

  • it decreases if you use your card in a Gameweek, and the player participates in the game (either starts or is introduced as a substitute).
  • it increases if you decide not to use your card in a given Gameweek.

Though Sorare hasn’t confirmed it, it’s believed that the card’s bonus will decrease by 1% if the player starts the game and by 0.5% if they come in as a substitute.

Conversely, the fitness bonus will increase by 1% if your card is left out of a given Gameweek.

Sorare Physio Center & Rest Packs

With the introduction of the Sorare Fitness Bonus, two related features are also added:

  1. The Physio Center: Here, managers can send their fitness-deficient cards to speed up their recovery.
  2. Rest Packs: These are one-time-use items that can be applied to selected cards to significantly improve their Fitness Bonus (e.g., an immediate 3% boost).

The Physio Center will be available to all Sorare managers by default, while Rest Packs can be purchased in the Club Shop using coins or money.

The number of card spots available in the Physio Center is expected to be increasable, similar to what we see with the current training lineups.

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