Sorare Rewards Time [When Do Sorare Rewards Come Out?]

đź•‘  Last Updated: November 17, 2023

The excitement that accompanies receiving Sorare rewards is why we all love the game.

For us, Sorare managers, nothing beats the feeling of having an incredible Game Week and awaiting your well-deserved prizes.


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But sometimes the wait can feel like an eternity.

So when it comes to Sorare rewards time, is there any fixed schedule? If not, usually at what time do Sorare rewards come out & how to claim Sorare rewards in the first place?

Stick with us as we dive into the subject of the platform’s much-loved prizes.

What Time Are Sorare Rewards?

At the time of writing the article, Sorare hasn’t specified the exact hour of the reward release.

That means that there might be some small discrepancies when it comes to awarding the weekly prizes.

With that said, the usual window in which the platform awards the best managers is a few hours within the closure of the given Game Week (and the start of the next one).

Sorare Limited Cards

As we have carefully explained in our Sorare tutorial for beginners, the Game Weeks usually start at 4:00 p.m. Central European Time on Tuesdays and Fridays. This implies that, in case you performed well enough to qualify for any rewards, you should get your hands on them no later than 7-8 pm CET.

The above is true for all types of prizes, meaning:

  • Sorare Limited card rewards
  • Rares
  • Super Rares
  • Uniques
  • Ethereum prizes
  • Coins (Sorare’s in-game currency)

Can You Sell Sorare Rewards?

What you do with the rewards is up to you – you’ve earned them so you’ve got full control of how you’re going to utilize them!

Apart from the newly-introduced Sorare coins and, of course, Ethereum prizes, it’s easy to sell anything you win.

All card rewards are tradeable meaning that you can exchange them for Cash (or Ethereum) on the Secondary Market. Then It’s up to you whether you want to stack it in your Sorare wallet or simply withdraw it out to one of your crypto wallets.

Sorare cards sale

Naturally, the more scarce the card is, the bigger the amount you can expect for it.

For example, Limited cards are being sold for as little as $1 whereas some managers pay five-to-six-figure sums for Unique cards in the Manager Sales sector.

When to sell

Parting with your rewards makes total sense if you are treating the platform purely as a way to make additional income.

Other instances in which selling a card sounds like a good idea are when:

  • you win a duplicate
  • the player is in hot form and you want to make the biggest profit possible
  • you are already well covered in competitions the player is eligible for

When to keep

On the other hand, if you simply love collecting Sorare cards and want to maximize your chances of scoring high in Gameweek competitions, you should probably keep most of the rewards in your roster.

In particular, keeping your reward makes sense if:

  • the player delivers high scores on a regular basis
  • the player is currently in poor form and it would be hard to make a decent profit (if you want to sell) 
  • you need more players in the competitions you prioritize

If you haven’t yet decided on a Sorare signup, make sure to first learn the best ways to get free Sorare cards – they really do help make your first steps!

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