Sorare New Season Bonus (Everything You Need to Know)

🕑  Last Updated: July 25, 2023

As things stand, the Sorare New Season Bonus is one of as many as four point bonuses that your cards can accumulate and boost your chances of claiming high positions in the leaderboards.

The good news is, it’s the bonus type that’s by far the easiest to explain.

The bad news is, only the managers that are willing to regularly put money into the platform can enjoy the New Season Bonus points every year.

Sorare New Season Bonus Explained

Compared to the other three types of Sorare bonuses – the XP bonus, the Collection Bonus, and the Fitness Bonus – the complexity of the New Season Bonus is extremely minimal.

The rule is the following: any manager that buys a Sorare card of the current season edition, will enjoy a guaranteed 5% bonus throughout the whole campaign.

The same 5% bonus applies whether you buy the card at the start of the season or after the season finishes. As things stand, it doesn’t matter.

However, after the latest changes announced in the 2023/2024 Roadmap update, the 5% bonus will no longer be available until a new edition of cards is released.

Instead, new season bonuses will now expire as soon as the first Game Week begins featuring the first domestic league game for your player card’s club.

Season Bonuses for 2023-24 Premier League cards, for example, will expire once the first Game Week containing 2024-25 Premier League fixtures begins. This modification has been implemented so that managers do not have an edge if a player transfers to a non-licensed club or if a club’s relaunch is delayed in comparison to other clubs in that league.

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