What Is the Sorare Extra Player Exactly? (Explained)

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People who have just begun or are about to begin their adventure as fantasy sports managers might be wondering what is the meaning of the Sorare extra player.

Out of all three sports disciplines available on the platform, the extra player is an exclusive feature of the football section.


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So what exactly is the purpose of this additional spot and should you put the time into strategizing the type of player you want to place there?

Let’s find out.

The Meaning of the Sorare Extra Player

If you are a football fan, you definitely know that there are four main positions on the field.

These are:

  • goalkeeper
  • defender
  • midfielder
  • forward

Now, if you have already registered on the platform (if not, make sure to use our Sorare bonus), you would have noticed that the football lineups consist of five players.

This is because Sorare is essentially a five-a-side game (hence the collective name of the competitions – SO5).

The first four players occupy the positions mentioned above and the extra player can take up any outfielder position. In other words, the additional player can be anyone but the goalkeeper.

This rule is a big contributor to why the goalkeepers, more often than not, are noticeably pricier than outfielder players.

Not only are there fewer of them in the game in general but also you can’t include more than one in your five-a-side lineup.

Strategy Behind Choosing the Extra Player

If you have already read our Sorare guide for beginners, by now you know that utilizing the right strategies goes a long way in helping you find success in the game.

Filling that extra spot in your lineup is one of the most important things you can do to increase your chances of scoring high in a given Game Week.

So, who should you pick as your Sorare extra player? Should it be a defender, a midfielder, or a forward?

The answer to this question is: it depends.

If you have already selected your four players, then you need to browse through your roster and look for cards that are likely to score high in the given game week.

Apart from obviously taking into consideration their current form (we suggest looking at their average score for the last 5 and not 15 games because doing so you use the most recent data available), you should look at their respective opponents.


Pick a Defender as your extra player if his team is solid defensively, is the favorite in the upcoming game, and the opponent team doesn’t score a lot of goals.

Keeping a clean sheet gives defenders extra 10 points in their All-Around score whereas losing a goal gets your defenders four points deducted.


Pick a midfielder if his team is likely to dominate possession in the upcoming match and most of the play will take place in the opponent’s half. This will increase the chances of the player having a lot of successful passes in the final third and potentially shots on goal.

Again, looking for opponents that don’t score a lot of goals is a wise idea since for every goal conceded a midfield player loses two points.


Finally, pick a forward as your extra player if his team’s opponents are leaking goals left, right, and center.

In the case of forwards, you don’t really have to worry about conceding goals since they don’t get any points removed from the All-Around score in case their defense is leaky.

High-scoring games are what forward players in Sorare love the most!

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