Sorare Capped 240 (2023 Overview, Best Strategies & Players)

🕑  Last Updated: November 24, 2023

There is a reason why Sorare Capped 240 is the mode with by far the biggest number of participants every Gameweek.

It’s the only competition on the platform that rewards managers with cash (Ethereum) prizes for reaching a point threshold.

Now more than ever, regularly winning Ethereum is an extremely important part of the game. It helps you acquire better players and also work your way up the Division ladder to enter more sophisticated tournaments and win better rewards.

In this article, we will explain the mechanism of the competition, reveal strategies that will help you reach the threshold on a regular basis, as well as have a look at some of the best players you could field in Capped 240 on Sorare.


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Sorare Capped 240 Overview & Rules

Guaranteed Ethereum prizes for reaching the point threshold in the Cap 240 competition is a fairly new concept.

Sorare Cap 240 division was introduced in January 2023 as part of the long-term plan to make the game more balanced across all divisions and help managers progress.

Before the launch of this competition, the Rare division was the only place with guaranteed Ethereum prizes for meeting a point threshold. The threshold prizes were exclusively available in the All-Star Rare competition.

In fact, in the previous form, there were two point thresholds – a threshold of 220 points rewarding users with the equivalent of $25 dollars, and a threshold of 250 points which in turn resulted in users winning the equivalent of $50 in Ethereum.

A large section of the community had been crying out to introduce a similar concept across all divisions since many people, especially those with smaller budgets, couldn’t afford Rare cards.

Sorare finally listened to the requests of its users and announced the upcoming changes at the end of 2022.

Capped 240 on Sorare: The Rules

Currently, the Cap 240 mode is available across all card scarcities, starting from Limited and ending with Unique. Of course, depending on the level of competition, the cash prizes vary.

Also, unlike regional competitions such as Champion Europe or Challenger Europe, you can use player cards from all around the globe.

The name of the tournament is a bit misleading because you need to reach the score threshold of 250 and not 240 to win the cash prizes. The 240 is the sum of points you can use for your five-player team.

How do we count points? It’s easy.

The form of your players from the last 15 matches is taken into account. The total sum of points cannot exceed 240, but it can be lower, depending on the players you have at your disposal and your strategy for a given Game Week.

Reaching the threshold of 250 points guarantees:

  • $5 in the Limited division
  • $50 in the Rare division
  • $250 in the Super Rare division
  • $500 in the Unique division

Here it is worth noting that Sorare Cap 240, next to Cap 220, is the only competition on the platform that does not take into account the XP bonus of your cards. You don’t choose a captain either.

One last thing to keep in mind is that you cannot mix cards from different scarcities in the Limited, Rare, and Super Rare divisions. One Super Rare card is allowed in the Unique division.

Best Strategies for Reaching Threshold

It would be a lie to say that meeting the threshold in the current form of competition is easier than it was before.

Quite frankly, it is considerably more difficult.

As a reminder, when the threshold prizes were up for grabs exclusively in the All-Star rare competition, not only was there no cap on the number of points you could distribute across your team but the XP bonuses were also applicable. If you had the right players, you were able to meet the 250-point threshold pretty much every Game Week.

Nowadays, winning Ethereum from the capped competition on a regular basis requires the right strategy and a bigger pool of players.

This is because it can take only one player from your five-player team to have an outstanding game for you not to be able to field the same lineup in the next Gameweek.

As you already know, the maximum number of points you can distribute amongst the players in your lineup is 240 (taking into consideration their average score from the last 15 matches). The form of the players can be very volatile and having just five players to pick from is no longer a sustainable strategy.

How many players do you need to be successful?

The answer might sound a bit cliche but it’s really the case of the more, the merrier.

Having as many options as possible in the Capped modes will always make the task of reaching the threshold easier than if the options were very limited.

Personally, I have a pool of around 30 to 40 cards that I regularly take into consideration when creating my Cap 240 Limited lineups and around 15 to 20 cards for my Rare teams.

What cards are the best for Capped 240?

If you are thinking about assembling a gallery of players you could pick from for your future Cap 240 lineups, the first obvious rule is that you shouldn’t look for Star players.

Remember that even though you need to reach a threshold of 250 points, the maximum number of points you can distribute amongst your players is 240. This means that your players shouldn’t be averaging more than 48 points from their last 15 matches.

Of course, you are allowed to field players with scores considerably higher than 48 but you have to remember that this will decrease the number of points you can distribute in other parts of your team.

Apart from looking for players with their L15 (Last 15) score below 50 or at least around the 50-point mark, you also should target those with as little score volatility as possible. You want to avoid acquiring cards that can score a hundred in one week but then struggle to go above the 30-point mark in the following games.

Another solid piece of advice is to look for guaranteed starters. While scouting the players, look for those that have started more than 90% of their last 40 games.

The importance of the right fixture & matchup

When it comes to being successful on Sorare, the aspect of fixtures and matchups is extremely important – especially when picking your lineups for the Cap 240 modes.

When assembling your Sorare Capped 240 team, you should definitely take into consideration the difficulty of the fixtures of your players. The easier the fixture, the bigger the chance of your player delivering an above-average score. Personally, I really like picking players that have home fixtures. I always try to avoid selecting players who face teams better than theirs, especially away from home.

You also have to take into consideration the right matchup. For example, you should avoid picking a defender that is coming up against a team that scores a lot of goals and has tricky forward players. Instead, whenever possible, choose a defensive player who is unlikely to be troubled during the game and has a high chance of keeping a clean sheet.

The main strategy points summarized

Summing up the above section, below find the main points to consider when approaching the Cap 240 competition:

  • You need a bigger pool of players to pick from (minimum 10)
  • Ignore the Star players
  • Instead, target average performers (L15 score around the 50 mark)
  • Target regular starters
  • Avoid players with high score volatility
  • Choose players with easy fixtures and good matchups
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