English Premier League on Sorare (Best 23/24 Players & Stacks)

English Premier League on Sorare (featured image)

The upcoming 2023/2024 season of the English Premier League on Sorare is sparking a lot of excitement, and for those involved with the platform, it’s the chance to try and dominate the prestigious Champion Europe division with your favorite EPL stars. However, if you’ve been a Sorare manager long enough, by now you probably know … Read more

Three Budget U23 Goalkeepers on Sorare (23-24 Season)

Cheap U23 Goalkeepers for 2023-2024 - featured image

Without a shadow of a doubt, U23 goalkeepers are one of the most sought-after cards on Sorare. And that is because of two reasons: Since there is a limited number of first-choice goalkeepers below the age of 23, they are some of the most expensive cards on the platform. If you don’t have megabucks to … Read more

Sorare Capped 240 (2023 Overview, Best Strategies & Players)

Sorare Capped 240 (featured image)

There is a reason why Sorare Capped 240 is the mode with by far the biggest number of participants every Gameweek. It’s the only competition on the platform that rewards managers with cash (Ethereum) prizes for reaching a point threshold. Now more than ever, regularly winning Ethereum is an extremely important part of the game. … Read more

Scouting Sorare Champion Europe (2023 Review + Best Players)

Sorare Champion Europe - featured image

Just like the Uefa Champions League is the pinnacle of club football for players, the Sorare Champion Europe division is where the most mouth-watering card rewards await successful Sorare managers. With that said, it’s no secret that the division is home to the most pricey cards in the market. Hence, coming up with a 5-player … Read more

Scouting Sorare Challenger Europe (2023 Review + Best Players)

Sorare Challenger Europe - main image

Most newly-joined Sorare managers would like to get their hands on the star players of the platform but these, usually playing their trades in the top European leagues, often come with hefty price tags. The solution to snaping up high-scoring players from the continent without overpaying is simple: turn your attention to the Sorare Challenger … Read more