🕑  Last Updated: November 18, 2022

SorareCeo was created for all the people who jumped on the same boat as me (and now us – since the team working on the website consists of 3 people as of 2022) in falling in love with what Sorare has to offer.

After being a mad follower of sports and football for most of my life, my interest in this beautiful game (outside of following my beloved Celtic) considerably dropped in the last 5 years due to a combination of lack of time and the growing commercialization of the sport.

I thank Sorare for reigniting my love for football and want to wake up the long-asleep passion for the sport for other fans that share my experience – or any fantasy football geek for that matter.

On SorareCEO.com we regularly share 100% free content for both experienced Sorare geeks as well as those of you just dipping your toes in the exciting world of Sorare.

On SorareCEO.com, you can expect regular:

  • Sorare news
  • Tips & strategies
  • Card recommendations for weekly competitions
  • Tutorials for those new to the game
  • Freebies & giveaways

Photo of author
A Sorare fanatic and a lifelong Celtic supporter who swapped the Polish chill for the sunny vibes of the Caribbean. You might call me a workaholic with a twist – when I'm not hustling, I'm busy crafting Sorare strategies that I believe will lead me (and you!) to long-term glory in the Sorareverse.